The Tiger Woman

The Tiger Woman

First appeared in Crack Comics #9 (January, 1941), Publisher: Quality Comics, Created by Art Pinajian

I got to say I’m partial to The Tiger Woman. First, she’s a ruler of a jungle kingdom. I think I’d like to be ruler of a jungle kingdom. I could sit on a throne. Tigers could lounge by my side. I’d dress in lots of gold jewellery…but I digress. The point is jungle kingdoms are cool. Second, her revenge fantasies are not based around men. It seems The Tiger Woman is a little annoyed at Westerners for plundering her artifacts – and I say, As well she should be! So after one particular group steals some treasure, she travels to America to kill each and every one of them. How? you ask. Well, she blows deadly powder into her victim’s faces petrifying him or her instantaneously. You have to admit. That’s pretty awesome. Finally, even though The Tiger Woman travels with an entourage, she likes to do the dirty work herself. That’s my kind of woman.

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