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A Love Story, 250 Million Years In The Making Seven astronauts en route to Mars encounter a time warp in space that disables their ship. Crash landing on Earth, they discover an alien planet sixty million years before the dinosaurs. Pangaea, the super continent, is filled with danger and terror, as they must survive against fierce reptiles that ruled the Earth 250 million years in the past! 


I recently wrote a post entitled, A Discourse on B-movies, Comic Books, Pulp…and Swamp Thing. That post was in part inspired by Tom Johnson. You may recall I have blogged about Tom Johnson’s kindness and expertise in the past (found here), but today I want to write about one of his latest works, PANGAEA: EDEN’S PLANET.

Let me say, I have long been fascinated by Pulp, but it wasn’t until I picked up this book that I realized I hadn’t ever really read Pulp….unless you consider Sherlock Holmes early pulp fiction, but that is an argument for another time. I’ve read a lot of comic books, I’ve watched a lot of B-movies, and I’ve seen a lot of parodies of Pulp fiction on TV – all of which overlap – but I can’t recall a single book, so delving into Tom Johnson’s work was a treat for me. What’s not to love about ray guns and spears, spaceships and jungles, volcanoes and monsters… beautiful, beautiful prehistoric monsters? I don’t know about you, but they leave me with tingles all over.

In Tom’s words,

Pangaea: Eden’s Planet is a character-driven novel and focuses on seven astronauts on a mission to Mars to begin a terra-farming project after a nuclear war on Earth. But problems arise when they enter a space anomaly that disables their ship, sending them back in time. The planet’s gravity pulls them back to Earth, where they crash land on an alien world 250 million years in the past. Their mission now turns into a survival situation, as fierce reptiles of the Permian Period, as well as explosive nature, endangers their very lives.

What I love about Tom’s work is that when you immerse yourself in it, you feel like you are reading something authentic, written by an expert. I took so much pleasure in the security that the language, setting, and characters were being handled exactly as they should. I never once felt jarred by a term that felt disingenuous or a plot device misused. Plus, there were so many instances where I thought I should have seen something coming, but I just didn’t…I was too lost in the story. Take this small snippet from when the ship first finds itself in danger…

Lightning bolts of pure energy sparked and criss-crossed the tornado-like funnel in a spider-web of violent beauty, at the far end appeared to be a gaping monster’s mouth. But the plasma would not let them go, tossing them around like the prey of some monstrous space creature. 

Oh, how I love this kind of prose.

And not to go off on a tangent, but I just had to share this beauty from another one of Tom’s works, a short story entitled, The Black Cat.

The room erupted in gunfire as those .38s spewed deadly lead towards four murderers. Rapiers of red flame lanced the air in the apartment, bringing swift death on hornets’ wings.


So if you are looking for a fun, fast-paced action-adventure check out PANGAEA: Eden’s Planet.

If you’re looking to delve into the world of Pulp, I highly recommend you check out Tom’s blog, PULP DEN.

And finally to find more of Tom’s work check out his Amazon Page.



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Tom Johnson was a voracious reader from childhood beginning with the Golden Age comic books to classic literature. Exciting adventure stories entertained him until he discovered science fiction and hardboiled detective mysteries. By his early twenties, he discovered The Shadow and Doc Savage pulp reprints in paperbacks, and was hooked on the fast-paced action novel. This led to collecting and research, which eventually interested him in writing. Today, he still loves an exciting action novel over movies and television. Tom and his wife, Ginger have received numerous awards in the field for their work in keeping the old stories in the spotlight for new readers seeking escape in a thrilling adventure novel.



Pangaea: Eden’s Planet
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