I have always loved September. Crisp Air. Ripe Apples. And the all important BACK TO SCHOOL. Many people choose Jan. 1st for resolutions, but for me it’s September. When I was kid, I was always thrilled about the prospect of what the new school year might hold. As an adult, I am thrilled by the prospect of rebuilding my personality and not answering every question with “What? No. Stop it.” (For the record, I have awesome kids – but seriously now, it’s a long summer.)

So let’s get to it.

GOAL ONE: Become the Serena Williams of the soccer field. Oh yes, Serena Williams has my ideal body type. Strong. Powerful. Beautiful. I want to walk on the soccer field (or the dank smelly astro turf of my winter dome soccer field) and have my opponents take one look at me and think Uh oh.

OBSTACLES: I’m forty, love chocolate, wine, and popcorn, and have bad hips – don’t even get me started about what having three kids did to my pelvic floor.

GAME PLAN: 21 Day Fix. Not to sound like a commercial but I am a big Beachbody fan. The problem is I never make it far past Week 3 of their programs. Hence the 21 Day Fix.

I start next Tuesday. I will let you know how it goes. I think Serena’s rooting for me.

Serena Williams

In the meantime, I have to go eat some chocolate chips…and popcorn…and where’s my wine?

September Totally Super Attainable Goals to Achieve Perfection: GOAL ONE

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