I have always loved September. Crisp Air. Ripe Apples. And the all important BACK TO SCHOOL. Many people choose Jan.1st for resolutions, but for me it’s September. When I was kid, I was always thrilled about the prospect of what the new school year might hold. As an adult, I am thrilled by the prospect of rebuilding my personality and not answering every question with “What? No. Stop it.” (For the record, I have awesome kids – but seriously now, it’s a long summer.)


Disclaimer: I think this post is really just an excuse for me to post dancing .gifs. Because dancing .gifs are the most awesome .gifs…after maybe animals being jerks to other animals.gifs. 

Okay, so for my final goal to achieve perfection in 21 days, I’ve decided to focus on writing with complete and total abandon! Kind of like what Ray Bradbury suggests in Zen in the Art of Writing.

You see. I experienced a bit of a shock when my first book SIDEKICK came out. As an introvert, it was pretty uncomfortable being exposed to the world of social media. Many readers got exactly where I was coming from…others did not. It made it difficult to get back into the writing swing of things. I felt a wee bit guarded which resulted in my work looking a little like this:

dance 1

I wanted to please everyone, to silence all of my critics, to be a cool kid! And that resulted in my feeling very awkward and somewhat fake.

dancing 2

This was a problem because suddenly I had an agent, and she sold a new series of mine, and I had work to do! I didn’t have time for all the navel gazing. Worse yet, the actual act of writing stopped being as fun…which was tragic.

Don’t get me wrong. I pulled myself together and made things happen.

dancing 6

But it wasn’t easy.

Now it’s time for change. It’s time to let her loose.

I have almost come to accept that not everybody is going going to appreciate what I do.

dancing 3

And that’s okay-ish. Humour is subjective. Believe me, sometimes I look at my own stuff and think Woah, what is the matter with you? But truth is, I’d rather go too far, then not far enough because I was afraid of what people might think of me.

So for the next 21 days I’m going to write like this:

dancing 4

At the very least, it should be fun.

Now, for a random dancing dog .gif.

Dancing 5

September Totally Super Attainable Goals to Achieve Perfection: GOAL THREE!!!

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