Okay, so there may have been a week delay to my starting perfection. I completely forgot how chaotic the first week of school can be. I also forgot that I kind of needed to finish editing a book. And I think I repressed the fact that I was going away on the weekend to visit family. All that being said, perfection started today!!!

Goal One: 21 Day Fix

Well, I had a little bit to eat and drink last night as my going away party for my bad habits, sooo let’s just say I’m pretty sure I looked – and I know I felt – like these two:


That being said, I didn’t quit at the 12 minute mark like I really, really wanted to…so there’s that.

Goal Two: Meditation

Twenty minutes felt like a really long time for my first day, so I cut it down to five. But even at the shorter length, my brain was still all:


But, hey, I am positive there was a moment or two, when I achieved total nirvana.

Goal Three: Write like there’s nobody watching.

Now this is where everything was coming up Auralee (although, that right there, was a totally awkward sentence). In a .gif, this is how I feel about my new book:


With maybe a little:

alright alright

Day One done. Twenty to go!

September Totally Super Attainable Goals to Perfection: Update

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